Whether you’re looking to save money or need more space, choosing between a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment can be a difficult decision. We know choosing your living space can be one of the most difficult decisions you can make. Here’s what you need to consider before signing a lease.

Is a Studio Better Than a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

What is a 1-bedroom apartment?

To make it easy, a 1-bedroom apartment features a room that is separate from the main living area. 1-bedroom apartments typically have more space than studio apartments. Sometimes a 1-bedroom apartment can even feature a separate eating area and an additional half bath depending on the space.

What is a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is a space that combines your living room, kitchen space, and bedroom into one open floor plan. There are no walls separating these spaces. But don’t fear, the bathroom has its own private space!

What to consider when comparing a studio or One-bedroom apartment:


Because of its smaller size, rent for a studio apartment is usually less expensive than a 1-bedroom apartment. Let’s face it: you can save more money living in a studio apartment. You may even be able to move into a neighborhood that would’ve been out of your price range by leasing a studio. You would also save on energy costs and time spent cleaning by living in a studio.

However, for some, the price may not be an issue. If you are focused on having more space, a 1-bedroom apartment might be better for you. Be sure to include utility costs when pricing out your new apartment. Ask or look to see if the apartment you are looking at is utilities included.


If you crave more square footage and dimension, then a 1-bedroom apartment is definitely for you. This will give you plenty of room if you have a lot of furniture and decor. 1-bedroom apartments also have more storage space than studio apartments. Plus, if you’re living with a significant other, but still want some space, you’d be much happier in a 1-bedroom. Also, if you are splitting a 1-bedroom apartment with your significant other you can split the rent, which saves money!

However, if you are still thinking about a studio apartment, there are some things you need to further consider when it comes to size. The size of a studio apartment can be a good or bad thing depending on what you need in a living space. If you prefer a more minimalist lifestyle, a studio apartment is ideal. It’s easy to clean and everything you need is close by in your small space.

Decor and Furniture

If you’re anything like us, you might love interior decorating (shoutout to our friends and neighbor Nebraska Furniture Mart). If this is the case, a studio apartment offers limited options for you. Your focus will likely revolve around creating the illusion of more space and getting creative with room accessories like screen dividers or plants. However, this can be a good thing if you’re on a budget or going for a minimalist design.

On the other hand, a 1-bedroom apartment allows you the freedom to decorate and furnish your apartment however you want! There just might be a little more cost involved.


When you live in a studio apartment, your bed will more than likely be on display. That means guests, should you choose to have any, are constantly surrounded by your personal things and won’t have much room to spread out. It’s not out of the question, but it can be challenging to entertain when you live in a studio apartment. This also goes for hosting out-of-town guests.

A 1-bedroom apartment will have more room to host people while enjoying some privacy with a separate bedroom. Also, you can set up a couch or an air mattress in your living area to house extra guests.

If you need a big closet, a studio apartment probably won’t work for you. Studio apartments usually come with limited space for storage. You’ll probably need an additional clothes rack, or dresser, or learn to be creative with storage to make it work.

Ready, Set, Go!

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